A WIP by Maeve O'Conner


Sam lived in a quiet neighbourhood. Most people avoided this area like the plague. Windows were fixed with cardboard and ivy covered most of the fences and walls and the tiny gardens were filled with weeds. Normally, at least. Today they were all covered in snow and ice. The people who lived here stayed inside all day, only ever leaving for work — if they were lucky enough to even have a job. The only bus came once every hour, and it didn’t stay any longer than necessary.

These streets had never felt quite safe, but today seemed different. The eerie silence was getting on my nerves. Normally someone would blast terrible music so loudly it could be heard a block away, but today I couldn’t even hear the chirping of birds.

My boots crunched in the snow, but my footprints were soon blurred out as the snow kept falling down. I shivered. I’d heard that this was one of the coldest winters in decades. I had no problems believing that claim. I picked up my pace.